Escort’s Hair Color And Traits

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Many scientists have carries out various researches on the relationship between sexy ladies hair color and their character trait. At last, there is an agreement that escorts hair can show something about call girls’ character traits.

sexy girl London escorts with dark hair are very tough, prudent and sometime cruel. These dark-haired girls always achieve their targets due to their sexy, determined and strong character. Their guiding planet is Saturn.

Dark hair with light chestnut color show creative, fearless and attractive escorts. Their energy originates from Pluto and makes them powerful and perspicacious. They can understand all your plans without telling them.

London ladies with dark-brown hair are characterized with guile, witty mind and the ability to lie in a convincing way. These sexy London call women are inclined to be prudent and the financial value of stuffs. They are guided by planet Mercury. 

Escorts women with fair hair enjoy lots of trust from other people, are very generous and very devoted girls. Any gentleman will feel secure and safe in a company of these sexy women. These London girls are very happy with men.

Chestnut colored head girls are powered by energy from Jupiter and have the ability to influence other people. These sexy ladies are successful in the world of management and thus can be ideal for taking in various business meetings.

Other types of London escorts are red hair women. They are very successful ladies and get their energy from Mars. This offers them the opportunity to shine in any field of life. They are sexy, fearless, good-humoured, smart and sometimes hot tempered. They are good for men who are going through break-up.

Sandy-head London call women portrays the energy from Venus. They boast of good health, good level of inner harmony and a desire to experiment life. You cannot be bored when you are in the company of these ladies.


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